Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Close Enough: Crispy Cheddar Chicken

I'm Back! and still, I tried...the food is close enough (and delicious). So the top photo is what it is supposed to be, bottom is me being awesome and cooking for you lovely people to see the pictures.

Okay, crispy cheddar chicken sounds kinda weird right? I promise you, I don't know how I never thought of this in the first place....but leave it to Pinterest. it might be a conspiracy how crafty the women of Pinterest are? Where are you women? Teach me your ways!

Crispy Cheddar Chicken
adapted from: Jamie Cooks It Up
Time: 15 minute prep + 40 minute baking
Yield 7 servings
Put this in a glass pan, you're using the oven.
Turn the oven up to 400 degrees
You have foil right? You need it.

All my fun ingredients for seasoning goodness

4 large chicken breasts
2 sleeves Ritz Crackers
1/4 tsp seasoning salt
1/8 tsp pepper
4 dollops of plain Greek yogurt OR 1 C of milk
3 C cheddar cheese, grated
1 tsp dried parsley

There was sauce, but I didn't use it because I was in a hurry and was trying to watch Dexter and ....okay so I don't know what is in the sauce but the link to the original post will be posted for you to decide if you want it.

1. Cut each chicken breast into 3ish large chunks
2. In a small food processor grind up the Ritz crackers (or use your hands to smash them up, c'mon now)
3. Pour the yogurt (or milk), cheese, and cracker crumbs into 3 small separate pans. Put the seasoning salt and pepper into the cracker crumbs in mix into the mixture

Do you like my old pie pans? Good stuff has been cooked here

4. Dip each chicken into the milk/ yogurt.

5. Then the cheese. Press the cheese in with your fingers...make it cheesy & delicious, you know you want to.

6. Roll chicken around in the cracker crumbs. this part gets messy, but good cooking is, right?

7. Sprinkle the dried parsley on the chicken. Do you guys have Parsley? I didn't know I did, why do I have parsley? Seriously.

8. Did you put this all in the pan? Every piece of soon to be delicious cheesy goodness?? Okay good

9. Cover the pan with foil, bake 400 degrees for 35 minutes. Take the foil off and pop back in the oven for 10 more minutes to make sure your cheese is at that gooey crispy stage in life....you know what I mean? That point of deliciousness.

10. Make that sauce if you must, then enjoy!


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