Meet the Foodies

Meet Ashley

   I'm 24 years old and graduated from the University of California, Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Moving up to NorCal for college, I was exposed to an incredible food scene and was lucky enough to make friends with fellow food lovers. I absolutely love trying new foods, exploring local eating scenes, trying new recipes, and sharing food tips with my friends.
   Aside from running this site, I contribute to several popular food sites. I'm a Correspondent and Chief Instagram Inspector for the all things cupcake website, Cupcakes Take The Cake. I'm also a Contributing Writer and Recipe Contributor to the premier food news site, Foodbeast.
   Though I act as a what I like to call a "Culinary Correspondent" by night, my day job as a cubicle occupant is far less glamorous. I created this site as a place where I could share my food adventures and endeavors with friends, family, and the foodie population. 
   My photos are taken with either my iPhone 4S or my Nikon D5000 with an 18-55mm or macro lens. Photos are edited with PicMonkey and Camera+

Let's talk food! Email me at: ash [at] chroniclesofafoodie [dot] com

Meet Lili

   My name is Lili and I'm 24 years old and my family raised me to appreciate and love all types of food. Besides spending my time being a foodie I'm also a nursing student!
   Cooking and eating are my passions! Growing up I was a really fussy eater but as I moved around to different cities and made friends with people from different cultures, I learned to try anything once. I taught myself how to cook when I used to live in Texas. I burned sauces, set things on fire and over-salted pancakes but that's how I learned.
   One of my biggest hobbies is following and discovering different food trucks in LA and Orange County because gourmet food that has wheels and that can come to me is IDEAL!
   Random stuff: If a restaurant has a vegan option on their menu I will immediately order it because I respect a chef that can come up with those recipes. Macaroni and cheese is my favorite dish and I will eat anything from a 5 star restaurant mac and cheese to a Kid's Cuisine.