Sunday, October 2, 2011

Kogi Truck: A Review

Hello there dear foodies!

My apologies for the delay in posts! Life gets crazy but this is definitely not something I want to get in the habit of neglecting!

About a week ago the Kogi truck came to my office building and the floor was abuzz with excitement over its arrival. Now I had heard about a Korean fusion taco truck taking LA by storm one taco at a time but the Kogi truck had never been to any of the festivals I attended. Now, onto the good stuff...

Three taco combo
The truck ended up having some awesome combos but I ended up ordering the three taco + drink combo for $7. The meat choices for the tacos were tofu, short rib, chicken, spicy pork and calamari. I ended up with a sampler of short rib, chicken and spicy pork.

Ready for your close up?
These tacos were pretty freaking amazing you guys. As you can see from the pics up above they were loaded with asian fusion goodness. The tacos definitely had some kick. There was a citrus-y salsa they used, it was sweet but spicy...mixed with the slaw and sesame seeds on the tacos, it definitely had an asian salad flavor thing going on.

All the tacos were delish but my favorite was probably the spicy pork, but I'm very partial to spicy food. The short rib taco was what I would consider the most "Korean"of the bunch, simply because of the meat used. That first bite was like a flavor EXPLOSION. I could taste everything. Cilantro, green onion, seasme seeds, citrus, salsa...all cushioned by it's corn tortilla vessel. 


Can you say, Chocolate Tres Leches cake?
This little gem cost me an extra $4 but it was SO WORTH IT. The top of the cake is a spicy peanut brittle. Sounds awesome already right? That's because it was. It was a crunchy, toffee tasting, spicy delight. But it's the inside that really needs to be talked about.

Inside the cake of magical goodness
Yeah. Reminds me of a hostess cupcake at first glance but SO not your average grocery store snack cake. That cream you think you see is actually tapioca. INSIDE A CAKE. Lord, blessed be this cake you delivered to me. The pearls of tapioca mixed with the creaminess of the vanilla pudding it was nestled in made for an excellent surprise center.

The cake itself was what you'd expect from a tres leches cake. Super moist, almost wet because of the use of three milks. However there was an additional kick every bite of this chocolately delight. After some research on the Kogi website I learned that this was due to cayenne pepper being infused into the milk. Dear Kogi chefs, you all are GENIUSES. The cayenne is a slow, mild heat that you feel in the back of your throat, almost like a warm tickle. 

Overall, I'd give Kogi two forks up, since that's what I'll have in my hands next time I get the change to scarf down your delectable delights.

If you're in LA and you haven't tried the Kogi need to find out where it's headed and taste it ASAP.


Anonymous said...

the font for your blog is so cute!

grashus, grashus -- I'll pass on your comments to Papi Chulo and our pastry chef Beth Kellerhals.

good to hear that your belly was satiated. ^__^

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