Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Greasy Wiener: A Review

So today The Greasy Wiener truck came to my office for lunch. Woo hoo!

It was delish the first time around so why wouldn't I try it again?

Last time I tried the iggy's a.k.a. the hawaiian bread sliders so this time I opted for their famous "greasy weiner", and let me tell you, these things are famous for a reason.

The Greasy Weiner "spicy": topped with chili, grilled onions, grilled jalapenos and mustard. Box 'o curlys.

Doesn't it look amazing? Well it should, because it totally was.

This was unlike any hot dog I've ever had. It's made "Jersey style" which means it's fried. Not like deep fried but like cooked then flat top fried. It gives the weenie a distinct snap when you bite it. So good.

Making the dog spicy entails throwing some jalapenos all up in the onions grilling on the flat top...seeds and all. This was definitely a spicy dog.

You are allowed to pick a premium topping to go on the dog, the choices were truck made cheese sauce, kraut, bacon wrapping or chili. As you can see, I chose the chili. To be honest, the dog would have been exponentially better with chili AND cheese but I should have ordered the "Bomb" if that's what I wanted.

The jalapenos mixed with the grilled onions added a sweet heat to the dog, very awesome flavor combination. The pickle spear would have added a sour element to the meal but unfortunately for me I'm not a huge fan of all. In my defense, I DID go with the onions and jalapenos and stuff.

The bun was super soft and spongy, perfect vessel for such an awesome hot dog.

Though the curly fries look like any other box of fries. but they weren't. They weren't greasy or oily. They were perfectly crisp and springy!

This meal is definitely not your stereotypical backyard barbecue meal...but it's something you NEED to experience. Seriously. Become a chaser. Create a twitter and follow this truck. It's some serious stuff.

Go out and try some!

Yours hungrily,

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