Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Like Pie Interview

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Annika Corbin, the owner and founder of I Like Pie! She recently opened her storefront in The Claremont Village, offering Individual Sized Pies in both sweet and savory options, Toaster Tarts, Pie Pops, and Hand Pies.

Tell us about yourself!
My name is Annika Corbin, I’m 42 years old. I, along with my husband Rob, recently started I Like Pie Bake Shop in Claremont, CA. We are originally from Michigan!

How did I Like Pie get started?
We were inspired to do something different a couple of years ago when faced with some difficult decisions. The idea for the pie shop came about and it just felt right.
Inside I Like Pie via Facebook
What made you decide to open up a storefront?
Our concept was heavily based on the ability to interact directly with our consumer. We really wanted to be able to create the overall experience from start to finish, not just provide the pie.

What made you decide on Claremont?
We fell in love with Claremont in 2007 when we were transferred here from Michigan. We were transferred again in 2009 to the east coast but decided that Claremont was where we belonged so we came all the way back to open our shop here!
Banana Cream Pie via I Like Pie
Why pie?
Because of the challenge it presents! Pie is difficult and temperamental but so tremendously rewarding. We saw an opportunity to take something that most people already love and make it even more special.

What’s your favorite kind of pie to eat and your favorite pie to make?
I LOVE peach cobbler. My grandmother made the best. My favorite pie to make varies with my mood. I really enjoy developing a new recipe and seeing people react when I put it in the case.
Apple Pie with Pecan Praline via Facebook
You had your soft opening in The Village in November, how did that go? 
We had a very challenging first day. One of the materials we used in our dough came from a new supplier and it caused our pie crusts to not be up to our standards. We ended up throwing away a week’s worth of work and a huge amount of dough. We had to make everything all over again that morning. It threw us off our schedule but we still opened and had a wonderful response.

Who/What inspires you?
The prospect of doing something that makes people happy inspires me.
Toaster Tarts via Facebook
What advice would you give to other aspiring small business owners who want to share their sweet treats with the world?
It was ridiculously hard for us to open this business. I could never have anticipated how many times we would hear “no” before getting a “yes”. If you have a great idea and people genuinely want what you have to offer, don’t give up. I worked in a shared kitchen for a while before opening the shop and it was a great (but very difficult) way to really get a feel for things before taking the plunge.

Is there anything else that you would like to say?
Thank you to our family and friends who have supported us every single step of the way!

We'll be heading over to I Like Pie soon for a tasting so stay tuned for a future review post!

I Like Pie Bake Shop
175 North Indian Hill Blvd.
Suite 102B
Claremont, CA 91711

Facebook: I Like Pie Bake Shop
Twitter: @ILikePieShop


Anonymous said...

Popped in from SITS! I'd LOVE to go there and try one of those toaster pies!

Blond Duck said...

Sorry, it was me!

The Dose of Reality said...

So unfair that I do not live in California...because I like pie! And those in particular look delicious!! Stopping by from SITS.

tori nelson said...

Eating a boring old granola bar while reading this and now I would kill for some pie :) Sounds like such a sweet shop!

Welcome to SITs, lady. Look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

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