Friday, February 17, 2012

Dulcitas: A Review

Tres Leches Cupcake

This little piece of love (pictured below next to the chocolate cream puff cupcake) is what caused me to make the decision to put Dulcitas down as my number one favorite bakery on my ballot. The frosting wasn’t too sweet and had an evaporated milk flavor that went really well with the actual cake. The bottom was overly moist which is exactly how anyone should want their tres leches cake to be, almost dripping with sweetened condensed milk.
Tres Leches Cupcake (left)
It was touched lightly with cinnamon and with every miniature bite I got a hint of nutty aftertaste in the cake. Everything fell apart in my mouth and it took all my will power to not lick the cupcake wrapper in public. It did happen to be the first cupcake I tried out of my box and I thought I was being biased due to being overly excited about cupcakes but it still triumphed over everything I tasted that evening. The only sadness I felt towards this dessert was finding out that their bakery was a good 45 minute drive from me, and that’s on a day with no traffic. At the end of the event I personally went up to Dulcitas’ table and commended them on their fantastic creation. If I ever got the chance to visit their bakery I don't think I could bring myself to order anything besides a box full of the tres leches flavor. It was just that damn good.

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