Monday, February 13, 2012

Double "D" Cupcakes: A Review

Love-Me-Mosa Cupcake

From the name of the cupcake you might be able to infer that it’s supposed to be a mimosa flavored dessert. I was so excited when the bakers from “D” Cupcakes handed this to me because it looked like a cupcake fit for a princess or just a really girly girl like myself. It was just covered in sparkles! How deliciously exciting!
Alas, the first bite was a little less than what I had hoped for and the whipped cream frosting with the champagne flavored gel was the only thing I could taste. The rest of the cake was a mouthful of solid nothing or maybe it had flavor but if the whipped cream frosting overpowered the main part of the dessert, then something is off. The idea was fancy, creative and sophisticated and it could have been a top contender with me if the cake had any essence of orange juice or alcohol. When it comes to alcohol flavored cupcakes in general I expect them to be overpowering and potent so maybe I’m not appreciating this cupcake for what it’s supposed to be; light. If someone is looking for a delicate flavor then the Love-Me-Mosa would be enjoyable, but I’m always looking for an outstanding and loud flavor and I just didn’t find it here.

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